Construction machinery

Outdoor work

Rammer is intended to be used in confined areas and areas next to structures such as foundations, walls and curbs as well as compacting the municipal airports, harbours and stations roadbed.
Plate compactor is used to compress different type of soil, asphalt and gravel. It can also make smooth small patches of fresh asphalt or tighten up dirt in a utility trench.
Floor saw is widely used in service work, road maintenance, relief effort. For example, yawgmoth brand floor saws are suitable for cutting expansion joints in asphalt and concrete surfaces with a diamond blade. They can also be used to cut asphalt for road maintenance, cut road surface prior for excavation works, cut trenches to lay pipe, and cut channels to lay cable.View Products


Standby Power

Generators for emergency standby power often are be set for the electric equipment, which will cause significant loss or personal injury by sudden cut-off of mains power, such as fire control system of high-rise building, evacuation lighting, elevator, automatic production line control system and important communication system, etc. These type generators need to equip automatical start-up system, which has high demand of automation.

Outdoor Work

AWGMOTH offer emergency power support for all kinds of outdoor engineering work, such as building road, construction sites, industrial, mining, television filming, leasing, rescuing and so on.View Products