* Foldable handle for easy transportation and stock    
* Open plate provides self cleaning    
* Built-in wheel kit for easy transportation    
* Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine and handle    
* Sealed belt cover to prevent sand and soil in    
* Throttle control is available as stardard pars    
* Round edge protect the exciter housing and even objects around working site    

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Yawgmoth’s High Performance Compactors Produced with our High Level of Quality, at an Affordable Price.Designed to give long life and unmatched performance the Compactors are shipped completely assembled with the exception of attaching the handle, and only require filling with fuel and a brief check of lubricant levels in preparation for operation. Most economical and creditable Plate Compactors on the market, and are available in the different weight range from 50 kg to 330kg, with petrol engines or diesel engine.

Spirit of craftsman:
Yawgmoth uses the strongest Dacromet bolt to fix and assemble our plate compacts. Compared to general galvanized bolts, the strength of Dacromet bolt can be increased 20%. Beside this, it is more environmentally friendly.

YAWGMOTH make some improvements for the vibrator assembly, which make it more suitable for each compactor. And importing seals were used on the assembly.

Design and Details:
Considerate design is the aims and objectives. To make customers satisfied and optimize customers' experience, YAWGMOTH focus on every detail and review every improvement at regular intervals.  At present,Yawgmoth has made the changes and improvements on bolts, anti-collision , rubber, frame, baseplate and so on.

All of that makes sense, but how does buying a plate compactor directly connect to benefitting your business and earning more?

Contact us today to see how our plate compactor benefit your business.



Model DY-C50
Engine Chinese petrol Engine
Power(hp) 2.5
Operating Weight( kg) 46
Shipping Weight( kg) 49
Frequency( v.p.m) 5600
Centrifugal force(KN)  8
Compaction depth(cm) 20
Travel speed(cm/s) 22
Efficiency(㎡/hr) 350
Plate Size(cm) 43*30
Package size(L*W*H)(cm) 71*42*54.5



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