Scarify machine

1. Designed working width: 200mm
2. With 4-axis milling cutter drum, a variety of cutters can be chosen.
3. With the depth instructions scale dial, and use precise pitch adjustment, the milling depth can be accurately controlled.
4. With cleaning adapter, it can be linked with the cleaning equipments.
5. With patent quick-change drum design; the cutter drum can be installed or disassembled in five minutes.

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Yawgmoth’s scarfying machine is great for a couple reasons:
1.Scarifying depth is adustable
2.Front mounting lifting handle for easy transportation
3.Heavy duty shock buffer mounts to reduce vibration toward handly and engine.
4.Outlet dust-proof device
5.Sealed bearing extend usage life.
6.Asphalt blades and cement blade as optional.

All of that makes sense, but how does buying a scarifying machine directly connect to benefit your business and earning more?

Contact us today to see how our surface finishing screed benefit your business.



Engine Honda 200F Copy Robin EY-20
Working width 200mm
Working deep 1.6-3mm
Drum Assembly Changeable
Depth control Adjustable
Shafts for cutter drums 4
Working efficiency 70M2/n
Weight 61kgs 64kgs
Shipping size 85*45*99



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