• Scarify machine

    1. Designed working width: 200mm
    2. With 4-axis milling cutter drum, a variety of cutters can be chosen.
    3. With the depth instructions scale dial, and use precise pitch adjustment, the milling depth can be accurately controlled.
    4. With cleaning adapter, it can be linked with the cleaning equipments.
    5. With patent quick-change drum design; the cutter drum ca

  • DY-RM75

    1.Dual filtration system.
    2.Heavy-duty rubber damping blocks effectively reduce the armrest vibration and improve operator comfort.
    3.Corrosion-resistant HPDE tank.
    4.Rack and pinion throttle switch.
    5.Iron-reinforced plywood ram board has good pressure and impact resistance.
    6.Additional built-in filtration system can be fully filter into the air in t

  • DY-C50

    1.Foldable handle easy for transportation and storage, traveling wheel for easy transportation.
    2.Open plate provides self cleaning.
    3.The designing of square-shaped bed and handle is more helpful and comfortable for the operators to changing working directions.
    4.Radius base plate for easy access to corners.
    5.Sealed belt cover to prevent sand and oil entranc

  • DY170FE

    1·Recoil start /electric start is optional
    2·Crankshaft/ camshaft is optional
    3·Keyway shaft/Thread shaft/ Spline shaft/Taper shaft/PTO flange is optional